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Manga Translation site “Manga Stream” no longer carrying One Piece

Today is a very exciting day for fans of Shonen Jump Alpha, today Viz Media was able to force scanlation site, Manga Stream to take off their titles(that have been licensed from the site). Will this make a huge difference? Probably not, but it is definitely a step in the right direction of getting more people to support legal translations of One Piece.


Shonen Jump Alpha- Starting New World Off Legally!

Yes Luffy, the weekly sea of adventures!

Are you guys ready?! Did you pre order your subscription with a chance to win a I Pad 2, or if you are already a monthly Shonen Jump print subscriber did you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription(depending on when you subscribed) and get your 3 free volumes for Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha? Because it start’s THIS Monday!!!   Finally, a chance to read your favorite pirate manga and the chance to read 5 other Weekly Shonen Jump manga WEEKLY and LEGALLY with   NEW CHAPTERS from Japan just 2 weeks after they are published in Japan!   Please do your best to support this awesome initiative from Shonen Jump!  The Grand Line Report will be giving you weekly reviews of the chapter every the day the chapter is released so be sure to look out for those!   By the way, the chapter that Alpha starts on for is chapter 652!

Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Announced-

As a lot of you know Viz announced this weekend that they will bring over Weekly Shonen Jump here in North America as Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha. What this means is, starting January 30th 2012 you will get to read the latest chapters of One Piece for 48 weeks straight for only 25.99$. Sadly, the chapters will be 2 weeks after they come out in Japan, so this won’t hurt scanlator’s to bad, but it is a step in the right direction.

One Piece hangs on the New York Times list for the last week of June

Keep buying, folks!


This week, One Piece kept it’s toll at #9 on the New York manga best seller’s list. Volume 57 has been out for 3 weeks now and seems to still be doing great.

One Piece Volume 59 Cover Released

The cover for the latest volume of One Piece in North America has been released! This will be the end of the paramount war arc and will feature major ground shaking moments in One Piece! I will be putting the cover after the break so readers can avoid spoilers.

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