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No new One Piece Episode Next Week

Sad news everyone, there will be no new episode of One Piece next week in Japan which means no new episode for the Simulcast. Remember there will be a new episode on tonight though!


One Piece Episode 506 Now On Hulu!

You can now watch One Piece Episoede 506 on Hulu, Enjoy! Also, remember episode 507 of One Piece will  be on tomorrow night at 10 pm EST! Look forward to it!

One Piece Episode 505 now on Hulu!

One Piece episode 505 is now up to watch on Hulu! Enjoy! Also remember One Piece episode 506 will be online on tomorrow night at 10 PM EST!

Titles for One Piece Episodes 506-509

Thanks to the Arlong Park forums, we have the titles for the latest episodes of One Piece.

506: Straw Hat pirates shaken!! The terrible news brought upon them!
507: Reunited with the Dark Lord Rayleigh! The time for Luffy’s decision
508: To the Captain! Escape from Sky Islands, and the incident on the Winter Island
509: The contact! with the great swordsman Mihawk! and Zoro’s stubborn battle to death!

Remember you can catch these episodes simulcasted weekly by FUNimation at

One Piece Episode #505 now out on OnePieceOfficial

Episode 505

You can now watch the latest episode of One Piece on

Description: “After the War of the Best, Garp finds that he has to answer to Dadan for not having been able to stop Ace’s death, while Luffy, who has lost his will to fight on, is reminded by a close ally that he still has something worth fighting for!!”