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One Piece: Pirate Warriors Coming To The US?

Thanks to the website Saiyan Island for the news, it appears One Piece: Pirate Warriors has been trade marked in the USA a few days ago. This is great news and definitely should brighten hopes at a chance for the new PS3 game to hit the states. And if FUNimation decides to dub it, we’d be hearing a lot of new characters like Hancock,Brook and more! But still, remember this is no official confirmation yet! But be sure to stick to the Grand Line Report for news and updates of this exciting piece of news!


Upcoming One Piece Podcast Announcement(Season 4?)

The good people at One Piece Podcast have a timer on their website which seems to indicate something huge happening Friday at 5pm EST, now why am I reporting this because it seems? FUNimation may be a part of what their announcement, so could this finally mean One Piece season 4? Either way, this is a very good podcast and you should give a listen too anyway.

Link to site: OnePiecePodcast.

One Piece Collection 1 Now Out!

You can now purchase One Piece Collection 1 at your local Best Buy or online anime store! Happy hunting!

FUNimation is currently in negotiations for more One Piece Episodes

While we knew it wasn’t likely more One Piece wouldn’t be announced at Comic Con, we did figure out from a Q&A segment at the FUNimation industry panel that they are currently in negotiation’s for more One Piece. Will the deal be finished for Otakon? Only time will tell…

One Piece Collection 1 Unboxing

Thanks to a Youtber named SooWoo65, we have are first look on One Piece Collection 1!

Remember you can pre order One Piece Collection 1 at Right Stuf or Amazon!

Titles for One Piece Episodes 506-509

Thanks to the Arlong Park forums, we have the titles for the latest episodes of One Piece.

506: Straw Hat pirates shaken!! The terrible news brought upon them!
507: Reunited with the Dark Lord Rayleigh! The time for Luffy’s decision
508: To the Captain! Escape from Sky Islands, and the incident on the Winter Island
509: The contact! with the great swordsman Mihawk! and Zoro’s stubborn battle to death!

Remember you can catch these episodes simulcasted weekly by FUNimation at

One Piece Episode #505 now out on OnePieceOfficial

Episode 505

You can now watch the latest episode of One Piece on

Description: “After the War of the Best, Garp finds that he has to answer to Dadan for not having been able to stop Ace’s death, while Luffy, who has lost his will to fight on, is reminded by a close ally that he still has something worth fighting for!!”

New FUNimation One Piece Survey

Let your voice be heard!

Last week, FUNimation announced they were taking a new survey for One Piece. If you what your name heard, it would be wise to take it and tell FUNimaiton you want season 4 of One Piece!

One Piece Collection 2 Cover Art

We now have the cover art to FUNimation’s newest release of One Piece, One Piece: Collection 2. It will be coming out September 20th.

Coming out September 20th, 2011